Finishing Touches

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Date:  June 1977
Written by:  Jean Kerr
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Bob Gendall
Musical Director:   


Katy Cooper
Jeff Cooper
Hughie Cooper

Kevin Cooper
Fred Whitten
Steve Cooper
Felicia Andrayson
Elsie Ketchum
Edythe Patterson
David Paynter
Andy Emery
Brian Getson
Jaime Carey
Cooley Joyner
Scott Connard
Vicki Walrath
Patricia Steiner


Assistant Director
Set Designed by
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Set Construction

Lights and Sound Design

Light and Sound Technicians

Costume Coordinator
Set Pieces
Cues, Stand-in for Felicia and Elsie
General House Manager
Walt Friedrich
John Welsh
Helen Stapleform
Mary Martin
Jim Di Biasio
Norm Swanson
Sally Barrows
Nikki Appino
Debbie Olken
Bob Atkinson
Sue Atkinson
Ken Confalone
Steve Snyder
Henry Vogel
Pat Appino
Betty Mc Shea
Ted Davis
Jean Gendall
Lisa Meerschen
Clinton Clark