Edythe Patterson

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First active:  June 1966
Last active:  May 1991
# of roles:  37
# of plays:  28
# of times as cast:  26
# of times as crew:  2
# of times on Board:  3
# of times directing:  0


Roles Plays
Maggie Cutler
Stella Kowalski
Nina Sanduzzi
Mary McLedo
Ann Stanley
Elaine Wheeler
Gladys Zuwicki
Raymonde Chandebise
Set Construction
Carrie Berniers
Katy Cooper
Gillian Holroyd
Vivian Proclo
Jenny Jonson
Fiona Foster
Donna Lucia D'ALvadorez
Eleanor, Henry's wife
Kid, Jennifer Dragon
Julie Cavendish
1966 The Man Who Came to Dinner
1967 Ondine
1968 A Streetcar Named Desire
1969 Little Mary Sunshine
1970 The Devil's Advocate
1971 Detective Story
1972 The Lion in Winter
1972 Cabaret
1973 Forty Carats
1974 Night Watch
1975 The Butterfly
1975 Carnival
1975 A Flea in Her Ear
1976 The Importance of Being Earnest
1976 Toys in the Attic
1977 Finishing Touches
1977 The Riddle Machine
1978 Bell, Book and Candle
1978 The Fabulous Fable Factory
1981 The Ritz
1981 Dust Rag Stone I
1982 Hunters, Hooma and Huckleberry Bread
1983 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
1985 How the Other Half Loves
1986 Charley's Aunt
1988 The Lion in Winter
1988 Go Jump in the Lake
1991 The Royal Family


Roles Boards
V. P. of Workshops
V. P. of Adult Productions
Planning Committee
Planning Committee
Planning Committee
Planning Committee
Planning Committee
Planning Committee
1971 Board of Directors
1972 Board of Directors
1978 Board of Directors
1980 Board of Directors
1981 Board of Directors
1982 Board of Directors
1983 Board of Directors
1984 Board of Directors
1985 Board of Directors


Awards Years


Eddie Patterson
Edie Patterson