Town & Country Players
Membership Application
P. O. Box 323, Doylestown, PA 18901

Town & Country Players membership dues are $30.00 per calendar year ($15.00 after August 1 for new members). Junior Membership (grades 7-12) dues are $20.00 per year ($10.00 after August 1). Couples can become members for $50.00. Family memberships (up to 2 full and 4 juniors) are available for $75.00.

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All members are required to volunteer a minimum of three times per season.


We also hope you'll be able to contribute your talents toward the growth and improvement of T&C. Please indicate what skills you have that might benefit our theater:

Box Office Set Design Stage Manager
Costumes Hair Styling Photography
Lights Choreography Public Relations
Sound Producing Phone Calling
Props Set Construction Writing
Makeup Stage Crew Word Processing
Musician Set Dressing Other:


Another valuable way to volunteer your services is by serving on a committee, or the Board of Directors. If you'd like more information about a committee, or if you'd like to volunteer, please let us know.

Board Play Reading Fund Raising

Play Suggestions

If you have some favorite plays you'd like to have considered, let us know!

Please note that our insurance covers Town & Country Patrons, but not members.
Always exercise caution while in the building or on the grounds.

I have read this form and understand the responsibilities of membership. I agree to abide by the Bylaws of Town & Country Players.

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Print this application on your computer, sign, and mail
(with check payable to Town and Country Players) to:
Ken Weigert, 1616 Elm Ave., Hatboro, PA 19040

Town and Country Players



Article III

Section 1. Any individual applying for membership must submit his/her name through the Vice President of Membership to the Executive Board. Such individual will be admitted to the organization after approval by the Executive Board, and upon payment of the annual dues.

Section 2. The membership year shall coincide with the calendar year.

Section 3. The annual dues for members to retain their membership and voting rights shall be established by the Executive Board and upon approval by the membership by majority vote. Dues shall be payable at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Section 7. All members shall be expected, as a minimum participation, to serve either on the Executive Board, on a committee, or in at least one capacity directly related with a play production in a given season, in addition to parking or ushering a minimum of two times per season. Members not participating in these duties may, at the discretion of the Board, not be entitled to membership in the next year.