Issue No. 1

July 2006

Welcome Back to the Limelight!!! John Zimmerman, who now has some free time after the final weekend of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, has taken up the task of organizing the Town and Country Player's periodic newsletter "The Limelight". If you would like to help contribute to this important effort you may do so by e-mailing suggestions, news articles, or editorials to John will be putting this together with the information he has, but he will not be able to do investigative work. If we all chip in by contributing to the newsletter, The Limelight can once again rise up and become the wonderful resource it has been in the past.

ON STAGE: Disney's Beauty and the Beast will close this weekend to sold-out audiences and critical acclaim. A difficult show to produce, the final product is one that we at T and C should truly be proud of. The show itself featured well over a dozen new actors and technicians who have not worked in the barn before, as well as many veterans of our unique space. The cast and crew wish to thank the membership and board for giving the moral and financial support that was so crucial in making this show a success, and to those who came out in force as audience members, bringing children and grandchildren and hopefully creating a new generation of theatre enthusiasts.

NEXT UP: COME BLOW YOUR HORN -- Opens on August 4th!

By Neil Simon Directed by John Rasiej

Neil Simon's comedy Come Blow Your Horn became his first Broadway hit. The story is set in Manhattan in the hip, happening 1960's. Alan Baker has been living the bachelor's life in his penthouse apartment, much to the disgust of his parents. Alan still works in his father's wax fruit business. When his nave younger brother Buddy arrives to stay, having plucked up the courage to leave home, Alan decides he should teach him about the world. The fun and laughs flow as the family members scramble to figure out how to handle the new situation. The Cast includes

Alan: Brad Masters

Peggy: Mariel Rosati

Buddy: Ian Carr

Connie: Patti Vidakovic

Mother: Luisa Di Capua

Father: John Sunkiskis

Visitor: Linda Walsh

The show runs August 4, 5, 11, 12, 13 (matinee), 18 and 19. As always, prime parking and ushering spots are still available.

Upcoming Town and Country Players Audition:

A Midsummer Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare, Directed by Jamie Bradley (e-mail:

Performances: October 13, 14, 20, 21, 22 (matinee), 27 and 28

Auditions: Sunday, August 20 and Monday, August 21 both at 7:00pm at the Barn.


Clue - The Play

Auditions, which were extremely well attended, have concluded and rehearsals have begun on this highly anticipated murder mystery. The cast and crew include:


Wadsworth the Butler - Keith Kerns

Yvette the Maid - Cecelia Umphlett

Mrs. Ho the Cook - Stephanie Winson

Col. Mustard - Norm Berger

Mrs. White - Linda Walsh

Mr. Green - Bob DeMarco

Mrs. Peacock - Kim Weidman

Ms. Scarlett - Gina Stevens

Prof. Plum - David Sharper

Mr. Body - John Nicolazzo

Cop - Ken Shaffer

Telegram Girl - Kristin Harris

Motorist - open

Chief/Evangelist - open

Phantom - Vincenzo Russo

Stage Manager - Sara Sobler

Set Design and construction - Dave Riffert and Dave Sharper

Costumes - Mary Eveland-Goehringer, Set Dresser - Barbara Emch

Props - Rosie Hughes

Lights and Sound - Scott Connard

Producer, Hair and Makeup and Photography - Lynn Ann Donchez

All around helper - Val Sharper

Production Manager - Allison DeKorte

The show goes up September 8, 9, 15, 16, 17 (matinee), 22 and 23


Are you doing a show elsewhere?

We want to know about it! It is crucial that we as a community support not only our Theatre, but our artists and technicians as well. In an effort to do this, we will dedicate a section of The Limelight each month to making the membership aware of what our CURRENT MEMBERS are doing in the theatrical world OUTSIDE of the Barn. All submissions should be made prior to the shows opening, as the purpose of this section is to allow members an opportunity to come out and show support. Please send submissions for OUT OF TOWNERS to " "

The Soap Box

A new feature that we would like to introduce to The Limelight is the chance for members to speak out and voice a question, opinion, or new idea. The purpose of this section will be to promote discussion and elevate discourse.  All are encouraged to submit an inquiry or comment and we will try to publish as many as we can. Please keep the subject of your submissions to areas concerning either The Town and Country Players Organization or other Theatre related topics, until the launch of our International Politics and Economics edition scheduled for the year 2132.

"The Problem that Won't GO AWAY!" By John Zimmerman

I have been a member of the players now for a little over a year. In that time I have noticed that a recurring problem, the lack of volunteers to park/usher.

To reiterate once again the situation as it stands: Every performance needs four volunteers, two to park, two to usher. The job of parking entails directing the cars to park in an orderly fashion and is finished once the show has begun. The job of an usher is to take tickets, help people to seats and set up the intermission refreshments. Each T and C member is requested to either park or usher twice during the season. The reward for doing so is a complimentary ticket to use at some point during the season. The process is a painless one that any able-bodied adult could easily do with a few minutes of training and encouragement. This year, we have even opened up the opportunity to park/usher for a free ticket to NON-Members.

The topic was discussed at length this winter at a membership meeting and then again this spring. These discussions typically arrive at the same conclusion: we need more people need to volunteer, the same people seem to be doing most of the parking/ushering, and there is no easy answer to rectifying the situation.

A suggestion was made at the last membership meeting that we try and utilize the community service aspect of our parking/ushering duties in an effort to get help from High School students who need to do several hours of service in order to graduate. The suggestion was very well received and if anyone in the membership would be able to help in getting this process rolling, they should let a board member know soon so that we can capitalize on the upcoming school year.

I would also ask, as a member, that we all shoulder this burden equally. Those of us who have not yet fulfilled our duties should make an effort now to alleviate the pressure on our VP of Membership to fill slots for upcoming shows. We should also take a moment to thank those who have been going above and beyond the call of duty for years, the effort is not unnoticed, nor is it unappreciated. My final request is this simple appeal: can we please work as a group to fix this problem for the benefit of the theater?

John Zimmerman

Odds and Ends

This season has been an incredible success in terms of box office numbers. We want to encourage everyone to continue to spread the word and keep this trend up.

The Slate of Shows for Next season HAS BEEN CHOSEN!!!

And they are:

Drama: The Crucible

Mystery: Blythe Spirit

Comedy: The Man Who Came To Dinner

Family Play: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Family Musical: Oliver

Adult Musical: Follies

We also have a new category, Musical Review: Red, HOT, and Cole!

Over the course of the next few installments of The Limelight, we will bring you synopses of next years shows.

Once again, we wish to encourage the membership to support this newsletter by contributing content. If you have any suggestions or comments on the style or content of the Limelight you make contact us at Thank you very much for you time and we look forward to seeing you at the barn.