Issue No. 4 June 2005


CITY OF ANGELS was a GREAT show. Yes, it was technically difficult, and yes, blocking was a bear, and yes, acting space and prop manipulations were rough. BUT, DID YOU SEE THAT SHOW??!! We truly have something to be very proud of. The phenomenal talents of Dave Sharper putting that set together can only be admired. How many set changes were there?! And he found a way to make it possible, on our little stage. Jamie Bradley built the Beds and the Jail. Dave Riffert worked with the sound and helped run rigging. Bravo to everyone who made that production happen!

PAINTING CHURCHES finished a great run on May 11th. Kudos to Keith, Jenny, Allison and Scott C for their technical support of the three-member cast! We received many compliments from the audiences for all the actors. Several mentioned how Scott Fishman's performance mirrored their own experiences with family members suffering dementia or needing other caregiving (we can only hope they were referring to his on- stage persona). Thank you to all our T&C'ers who came out to see it!!!

NEXT UP: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS -- Opens on July 1st!

Here is the cast:

King SextimusDarryl Schaffer
Queen AggravainJillian Thaker
Prince DauntlessBrian Rothman
PrincessWinnifredSusan Jude
Sir HarryKen Ambs
Lady LarkenStephanie Overton
MinstrelJim Wolfe
JesterStuart Wyss
WizardVincenzo Russo
Lady RowenaAllyson Briggs
Lady Merrill/
Ballet PrincessPage Ridgeway
Lady LucilleDana Walsh
Lady BeatriceDanielle Weidman
Sir LuceAlex Schnepps
Princess #12
of SamarkandSamantha Kuhl
Knight 1Ken Schaffer
Knight 2Scott Trout
Sir Studley/Knight 3Hunter Stevens
Lady Mabelle/Dance CaptainBrianna Lake
Opening Ballet PrinceAlex Schnepps
Strolling ViolinistDeberly Kauffman



Is right around the corner! Wednesday, June 22nd! 7:00 PM at the Barn.

Here is another chance for you to see the highlights video from our 2004 season, thanks to Kenny-Cam!

Come, share, laugh, and hug.


Upcoming Town and Country Players Audition:

Dearly Departed

By David Bottrell

Directed by Jim Kirkwood (telephone 215-489-6421; e-mail

Performances: September 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23 and 24

Auditions: Saturday, July 9 at 5:00 pm and Sunday, July 10 at 5:00 pm

The character traits we are seeking for these roles include: 1) ability to project a heavy southern accent; and 2) Ability to improvise a personality full of non-verbal comedic characteristics. There, that should confuse some of you. We are not seeking to provide our audience with a tale with a redeeming social message. We are only seeking to provide entertainment about how people interact with one another in time of tragedy as funny as that is. Our job is to make our audience forget their own problems and make them laugh.

The cast is as follows:

Bud Turpin a man in his late fifties or early sixties who dies from a massive stroke in the very first scene. This is a non-speaking part. Men on the brink of death should not audition.

Raynelle Turpin Bud's wife a woman in her fifties who can portray a long suffering spouse who sees an opportunity for mild revenge.

Ray-Bud Turpin their son a man in his mid thirties to early forties in need of anger management training.

Lucille Turpin Ray-Bud's wife a woman in her early to mid thirties who has had more miscarriages than a stroller factory.

Junior Turpin also a son of Bud and Raynelle a man, thirty, who has managed to show his inability to do anything right.

Suzanne Turpin Junior's wife a woman in her late twenties or early thirties who has to put up with Junior's failures as well as her inability to carry a tune.

Marguerite Bud's sister a flaming born again religious zealot with a booming voice who has a dominating personality. She is also part of a trio, "The Joy of Life" singers.

Royce Marguerite's son a man in his late twenties or early thirties who makes his living by being unemployed as often as possible.

Delightful Turpin Bud and Raynelle's only daughter a woman in her twenties whose sole interest in life is junk food.

Reverend Hooker a minister of indeterminate age who doesn't want to be involved.

Veda a friend of the Turpin's an elderly woman whose life revolves around her husband who is a medical disaster.

Norval Veda's husband an elderly man who has every disease and disability known to man. Norval only mumbles.

Nadine a friend she is a young woman who has given birth to countless children all of whom are named after celebrities. She is also part of a trio, "The Joy of Life" singers.

Clyde employer of Ray-Bud he is a psychotic man who believes the sure cure for most everything is murder or foul play.

Juanita a woman in her thirties or early forties a cousin of the Turpin's. She is attractive and was once Yam Queen. She is also part of a trio, "The Joy of Life" singers.



Curious Savage Opens on August 5th. The cast is as follows:

FlorenceValerie Sharper
HannibalChristopher Weiler
Fairy MayKristin Harris
JeffTo be cast
Mrs. PaddyStephanie Winson
TitusTim Shuman
SamuelTo be cast
Lily BellePatti Vidakovic
Mrs. SavageVirginia Barrie
Miss WillieDaniela Heywood
Dr. EmmettMarilyn Maxwell




Here's your last chance to see some of our members doing it again, directed by one of our members at the Village Players, in Hatboro. ( The show is directed by Marilyn Maxwell and includes Bob DeMarco, Laney Mitchell, Andy O'Neill, Darryl Schafer, and Kim Weidman.


The show closes on June 18th. GET YOUR RESERVATIONS RIGHT NOW!


Miscellaneous Tidbits:

Future Membership Meeting: Wednesday, August 24th.

Please see below for information on our Summer Theater Workshops! Please print a few copies out and distribute them!!





For Children and Teens!!


Join us for one (or two) of our fun-

filled theater, music and more summer sessions


Cost for each session is $100.00



Our instructors include:

Shawn Rowely Wright ~ Acting ~ Shawn has taught Drama and Musical theater in our area for over 15 years. She will be working on getting the best performance out of our campers through fun games, scenes and studies!

Peter Lancot ~ Music, Acting, Comedy Improv ~ Peter, who has been a counselor at our camp, is joining our instructional staff this year! He will be teaching a variety of fun and exciting workshops covering several areas.

Gay McPhee ~ Voice! ~ (Week Two Only) Learn what you can do with your voice! Accents, singing, and emotions this excellent lady does it all! (Yup, she is that awesome teacher from Doyle!)

Kristen Monaco ~ Movement ~ Kristen, who is a second grade teacher at Mill Creek Elementary, is new to our staff this year and will be teaching a fun-filled class, a little dance, a little character movement and development and how to be confident moving around a stage.

Each day will also feature a "Guest Star" that will cover such areas as: Set Design, Directing, Sound and Lighting and More!

Each session has limited space! Please register by filling out the attached form and mailing with full payment.