Kudos to the cast and crew for seventeen wonderful performances of "Fiddler on the Roof." Nearly all the performances were sold out with audiences ranging in age from eight to eighty. If you missed this show, check out Gerrie’s review below.



Fiddler on the Roof

By Geraldine Flanagan


Rather than reduce this article to an endless litany of names, let me simply heap the praise. There is much to say about just how good Opening Night was for Fiddler on the Roof. And with so many people to credit on stage, back stage and in the clubroom that to list individuals would do the composite, the whole, an injustice.


With nearly a full house the excitement in the lobby was a prediction of things to come. The expectation of a great time ahead had our patrons and guests shifting nervously with anticipation in the long and amazingly orderly line that wound out the door. I suspect, though that the poised elbows were intended to protect positions in the queue.


The beauty of that fiddle, added to the singing of the cast gave this writer a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye. The harmony, balance and beauty was maintained throughout the performance, by the graceful, understated dance, great acting, and, even through the costumes. Nothing seemed to tire the audience; perhaps transfixed by their new sensations, they were indeed in Czarist Russia. Nothing jarred, timing seemed flawless to this reviewer. So much so that one might say that our barn ghost got jealous of another and decided to do some mischief in the dream scene, setting off one smoke alarm. Even that worked well, the alarm kept musical time. But this mishap did not and, indeed, could not diminish the pleasure of the scene itself. What fine actors we have!


The set changes were quick and effortless for the audience, which belies the amount of thought and planning that undoubtedly was involved in design and construction. Whimsy was not neglected. Imagination is a wonderful thing and we have it in our midst.


And of note, my guests have seen film bits and pieces of Fiddler over the years, but had never actually taken the time to see the whole show. They were pleasantly surprised, delighted actually, at how this fresh production made it so easy to sit through a lengthy, large cast musical.


Bravo to the cast, Producer, Director, and crew of Fiddler. Thank you.





Judging by the packed house at the Board Meeting/Clubroom Party on April 11th, Town and Country has "hit the ground running" toward a successful 56th season. Patrons, guests and members were treated to hors d’oeuvres, wine and other goodies to go along with reports from various Board members.


Pat Achilles won the raffle of an original Walter Delle sketch, generously donated by Jim Appino.





Scott Fishman, President

Andy O’Neill, Executive Vice-President

Gina V. Stevens, Secretary

David Keller, Treasurer


Norm Berger, Adult Producer

Phyllis Eckelmeyer, Family Theater Producer


Scott Connard, Membership

Crissy Guynee and Lynne Anne Donchez, Publicity


Gay McPhee and Sarah LeClair, Workshops

Dan Weidman, Buildings and Grounds

Michael Bird, Hospitality.





Family Theater Director Shawn Wright has announced the cast for the July production of the musical. The cast includes:


Mr. Darling Jim Letts
Mrs. Darling Gay McPhee
Wendy Aubrie Fenneken
John Davis Kane
Michael Zeke Weiner
Peter Peter Lanctot
Hook Stuart Wyss
Smee Anna Marie Hughes
Tiger Lily Amanda Pirrone
Liza Jess Kliwinski


The Lost Boys will be played by: Brad Odgen, Jon Letts, Skyler Bird, Christine Letts, Allison Letts, Patrick Rogers and Michael Nappi.


Kevin Conboy, Beth Letts, Kim Weidman, Scott Connard, Sarah LeClair, John Fisher, James Damon and Joey Spadafora will serve as the wicked Pirates.


Indian Bravettes include Bridgette Hallowell, Julie Achilles, Ashley Tedesco, Bronyn Bird, Meg Hughes and Katelyn Gudknecht.



New Summer Theater Arts Workshop Program


After several successful seasons of Family Theater, Town and Country is proud to launch two sessions of Summer Theater Arts Workshops for kids ages 8 to 16. The 3-hour, 4-day workshops will be held at The Barn on July 21st through 24th and again on July 28th though the 31st.


The workshops will be split into morning and afternoon sessions based on age. Kids 8-12 will attend the morning workshop sessions from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. The afternoon sessions, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. will be reserved for kids 13-16.


Gay McPhee, coordinator for the workshops, said that a maximum of 50 students can be accommodated.


The cost for each workshop is $75 and volunteers over age 16 are being sought to serve as teaching assistants.


Registration can be made on-line through our website at www.townandcountryplayers.org.





The Board reports a new season high of over $18,000 in advanced ticket purchases for the 2003 schedule and thanks all of our loyal friends once again. Through our Patron, Season, and new Advanced Ticket purchase plans, we have once again expanded our seat pre-purchases. The entire T&C Board and membership extends its gratitude for the continuing support of our efforts in moderate economic times and despite our raised ticket prices.


An analysis of our contributors shows a very healthy balance between the senior, middle year, and young adult segments of our community. While Doylestown is still the pre-eminent township for our support, we have gained assistance in virtually every community in Bucks, Northern Montco, and close-by New Jersey communities.


Our new youth workshop program and the higher visibility of the Peter Pan musical in mid-season emphasize our commitment to the growth of T&C and our desire to bring the lively arts to the next generation of theatre-goers and participants.


Additional write in amounts for our 2003 Building Fund amounted to over $350 and several members used our new form to pay their 2003 dues as well.


Thanks again for your financial 'applause', and lets have a wonderful season.






From John Nicolazzo, Director of "Are You Being Served"


The casting specs call for eight men, two are for two characters each, one in the first act, another in the second. They range in age from Mr. Lucas, in his 20's, to young Mr. Grace, in his 70's or even older. (That part is only on for a couple of pages.)


There are parts for four women, two playing two parts. Age range: 20's to 60's.


All characters must have good British accents; the people playing two parts also need Spanish accents. If we have a lot of people trying out, and some of them are willing to be onstage for only one act of the play, I will cast that way instead of double-casting.


Auditions for this show will take place Sunday, June 22nd and Monday, June 23rd at 7:30 p.m. in The Barn.


For further info, contact John at justus@rcn.com.



From Gina Stevens, Director of "Over The River and Through The Woods"


The show will run from September 26 through October 11. The cast is composed of one male and one female, each in the 25 to 35 age range. Also needed are two males and two females who are 60+ who are able to play Italians, age 70+. Though not mandatory for the senior actors, an Italian accent would be desired.


Auditions will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 10 and Monday, August 11 7:30 p.m. at The Barn.


Questions? Contact Gina at ginasplace@msn.com.





Opening June 13th is the comedy "Move Over Mrs. Markham" which is described by Producer Ted Nordman as "one of the funniest plays I’ve ever read."


Set in London, the show follows the madcap adventures of married couple Philip and Joanna Markham and their efforts to stave off the misfortunes of scandal, business ruin and seduction.


Cast and crew for the production are:


  Philip Markham Keith Kerns
  Joanna Markham Alison DeKorte
  Henry Kevin McClernon Donaghy
  Walter Ron Sisca
  Linda Laney Mitchell
  Fylbie Katie Kuhl
  Mrs. Wilkonson Heather Kerr
  Miss Smythe Kim Weidman
  Director Jim Kirkwood
  Stage Manager Denise Donaghy
  Producer Ted Nordman
  Hair and Makeup Lynne Anne Donchez
  Set Construction Bob Duke and Frank Kastitz
  Lighting Design Walter Hauck
  Lighting & Sound Technician Jenny Hopkins
  Set Painting Barbara Emch
  Props and Furniture Susan Burnham
  Props and Furniture Assistants Patti Berger & Lizza Buckley


The show will run Fridays and Saturdays through June 28th, with a matinee performance on Sunday June 22nd.





There are still several open slots where there is no parking or ushering coverage. For those not on the web, here is the sign-up schedule. Please contact Scott Connard to add your name.






June 13
Taylor Jane Ridgeway Gina Stevens Phyllis Eckelmeyer
Jennifer Weiss Phyllis Eckelmeyer  
June 14
Sue Abramson Ken Schaffer Ken Schaffer
(help needed) Ted Nordman  
June 20
Ted Nordman (2 people needed) (help needed)
(help needed)    
June 21
(2 people needed) Frank McCrea Frank McCrea
  (help needed)  
June 22
(2 people needed) (2 people needed) (help needed)
June 27
Phyllis Eckelmeyer (2 people needed) (help needed)
(help needed)    
June 28
Ted Nordman Ken Schaffer Ken Schaffer
Tony Ruggieri Jillian Thacker  





Membership Chairman Scott Connard said there are now 92 paid members on the rolls for this season. Scott added that of that total, 23 are new members, an unusually large number of newcomers.


For past members who have yet to pay their membership dues, Scott reminds that they will not have the advantage of "free Friday" shows.





Even though play selection for our 2004 season is still six months away, the playreading committee is already at work on the theater’s behalf.


If you have a recommendation, catch up with one of the playreading committee members: They are:


Jean Lausten

Linda Walsh

Norm Berger

Ted Nordman

Gina Stevens

Kevin McClernon