Arsenic and Old Lace

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Date:  May 1997
Written by:  Joseph Kesselring
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  John Nicolazzo
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Frank McCrea


Abby Brewster
The Rev. Dr. Harper
Teddy Brewster
Officer Brophy
Officer Klein
Martha Brewster
Elaine Harper
Mortimer Brewster
Mr. Gibbs
Jonathan Brewster
Dr. Einstein
Officer O'Hara
Lieutenant Rooney
Mr. Witherspoon
Pat Ellis
Tom Williams
Don Muscarella
Brian Brinkworth
Paul Grumelli
Jo Page
Amy L. Revoir
Richard Gordon
Scott Hemmons
Jim Kirkwood
Philip Migliore
David Keller
David M. Paynter
George Achilles


Stage Manager
Set Dressing
Hair & Makeup Design
Lighting & Sound Design
Hair & Makeup Assistant
Lighting & Sound Technician
Stage Crew

Set Design

Set Construction
Donna L. Nicolazzo
Barbara Emch
Lynne Anne Donchez
Scott Connard
Heather McCook
Renee A. Derr
Heather McCook
Adam McRee
Mary Anne Grumelli
John Nicolazzo
C. Jameson Bradley
LeVonne Lindsay
C. Jameson Bradley
Linda Walsh