Seven Keys to Baldpate

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Date:  June 1990
Written by:  George M. Cohan
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Ted Hoagland
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Norm Berger


Elijah Quimby
Mrs. Quimby
William Hallowell Magee
John Bland
Mary Norton
Mrs. Rhodes
Peters, the hermit
Myra Thornhill
Lou Max
Jim Cargan
Thomas Hayden
Jiggs Kennedy
The Owner of Baldpate
Mickey Kolman
Marion Kolman
Tom Orr
Mark Miller
Gretchen Felix
Mary Mooney
Joe Doyle
Nancy Atkins
Bruce Rowe
Carmen Mazza
Ted Nordman
Chip Carman
William J. Thorrington
Anthony Baruffi, Jr.


Costume Design
Set Design
Stage Manager
Lighting Design

Hair Dressing
Sound Design
Properties Chairperson
Assistant Director
Set Construction
Costume Crew

Lighting Consultant
Lighting Technician
Sound Technician
Properties & Backstage Crew

Cheryl Doyle
Bob Meili
LeAnne Lindsay
Jennifer Seiberlich
Andy Emery
Mary Mooney
Anthony Baruffi, Jr.
Betty Lou Constantine
Mary Mooney
Bob Meili
Cheryl Doyle
Dorothy Wiley
Mary Jobeck
Ted Seiberlich
LeAnne Lindsay
Anthony Baruffi, Jr.
Betty Lou Constantine
Jane Marie Kelly
LeVonne Lindsay