Crimes of the Heart

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Date:  July 1987
Written by:  Beth Henley
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Janemarie Kelly
Musical Director:   


Lenny Magrath
Chick Boyle
Doc Porter
Meg Magrath
Babe Botrelle
Barnette Lloyd
Lindy Bowser
Susan Steele
C. Jameson Bradley
Elizabeth Cuthrell
Valerie Renak
James MacKnight


Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Lighting and Sound
Set Construction
Wig Styling
Set Design
Costume Alterations

Furniture Repair
Lauren Hendrixson
Andy Emery
David Sharper
Sheryl Connard
Lynn Anne Donchez
Janemarie Kelly
Jane Kelly
Lindy Bowser
Jack Kelly