Hunters, Hooma and Huckleberry Bread

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Date:  October 1982
Written by:  Diane Mir
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Jean Gendall
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Toni Mazza


Jenny Jonson
In The Forest
White Deer
Thunder Arrow
Cornelius Crockett
Little Bear / Mee-Sing
Edythe Patterson
Marvene Reagan
Cheryl Ruehl
Pat Friedrich
Martha Ricca
Jo Page
Diane Mir


Booking Agent
Stage Manager
Costume Design

"Tree" Construction

Poster, Glory Board Design
Wig Designs
Choreographic Advisor
Additional Props

Marion Kolman
Sam Hunsicker
Mary Lou Ford
Mary Lou Ford
Diane Mir
Toni Mazza
Carmen Mazza
Toni Mazza
Pat Steiner
Sue Janson
Fran Walheim
Jean Gendall
Sue Janson
Diane Mir
Toni Mazza