The Grass Harp

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Date:  September 1967
Written by:  Truman Capote
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Jerry Holliday
Musical Director:  Mildred Linton


Catherine Creek
Collin Talbo
Dolly Talbo
Verena Talbo
Dr. Morris Ritz
The Reverend's Wife
The Reverend
The Barber
The Baker's Wife
The Postmaster
The Sheriff
Judge Charlie Cool
The Choir Mistress
Big Eddie Stover
Maude Riordan
Miss Baby Love Dallas
Eleanor White
Christopher Nagle
Ruth Brown
Dorothy Swartz
Bob Phillips
Christine Falk
Jim Potter
John W. Hager
Beatrice Stalker
Carmen Mazza
Cooley Joyner
Alan Van Wart
Marianne Enslin
David Jackson
Carol Spitzer
Constance Doxey


Set Design



Set Construction

Set Decoration

Stage Manager
Special Assistants

James A. Hamilton III
Kit Walker
Sue Truscot
Teddy Klebes
Raymond Schneider
David Swartz
Terry McNealy
Beatrice Hamilton
Janet Bradley
James Knight
Carol Knight
Elizabeth Woolsey
Janet Bradley
Earl Bomberger
Carmen Mazza
Richard Aldeifer
Larry White
Beatrice Hamilton
Teddy Klebes
Ron French
Gloria Evans-Young
Elizabeth Woolsey