Servant of Two Masters

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Date:  October 1964
Written by:  Edward J. Dent
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Chuck Read
Musical Director:   


Silvio, his son
Pantalone Dei Bisognosi, a Venetian merchant
Clarice, his daughter
Dr. Lombardi
Smeraldina, maidservant to Clarice
Brighella, an innkeeper
Truffaldino, servant to Beatrice and Florindo
Beatrice Raponi, a lady of Turin
First Porter
Florindo Aretusi, lover of Beatrice
Second Porter
First Waiter
Second Waiter
Bill Petry
Jack Pukanecz
Alice Henne
Thomas J. Ryan
Lee Bjornsgaard
John Berberich
John Hager
Sande Suiter
Bill Roeger
Ron French
Rowland Barker
Taylor Pierce
Gerry Fisher


Set Design by
Costumes by
Stage Manager
Technical Director

Lighting Assistant

Wardrobe Mistress
Asst. to Director
House Manager
Sign Painting
Carol Hagen
Marjorie Content Toomer
Harold Vikoren
Edward Oberhuber
Roberta Bodley
Marni Beegle
Betty Mendelson
George Hagen
Marjorie Toomer
Georgia Pierce
Lee Bjornsgaard
Kitty Pierce
Georgia Pierce
Catherine Mosher
Jack Wright
Frank Bjornsgaard
Hank Brown
Erika Luitweiller