The Madwoman of Chaillot

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Date:  September 1962
Written by:  Jean Giraudoux
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Jeanette Brown
Musical Director:  Chuck Read


The Waiter
The Little Man
The Prospector
The President
The Baron
The Street Singer
The Flower Girl
The Ragpicker
The Deaf-Mute
The Shoelace Peddler
The Broker
The Street Juggler
Dr. Jadin
Countess Aurelia, The Madwoman of Chaillot
The Doorman
The Policeman
The Sergeant
The Sewerman
Mme. Constance, The Madwoman of Passy
Mme. Gabrielle, The Madwoman of St. Sulpice
Mme. Josephine, The Madwoman of La Concorde
The Presidents

The Prospectors

The Press Agents

The Ladies

The Adolphe Bertaut

Don Rutt
Gustav Mertha
Tom Griffith
Frank Bjornsgaard
Jack Wright
Mildred Linton
George Hagen
Tasha Poulovic
Bob de Vight
Claire Scott
Bob Gendall
Karen Steinbinder
Steve Ralph
Myles Mandell
John Hager
Oliver Groman
Sunny Oberhuber
Jon Beard
George Andrews
Jeremy Preston
Robert Nagle
David Jackson
Marjory Toomer
Barbara Ermentrout
Roberta Bodley
Frank Bjornsgaard
Robert Linton
Myles Mandell
Tom Griffith
Jack Wright
Gustav Mertha
Clyde Baker
Richard Upson
Cliff Orbaker
Tom Stack
Mildred Junkin
Marge Orbaker
Janet Upson
Jim Upson
Bruce Hawthorne
Fred Rieben


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Hand Props Assistant

Business Manager
Outdoor Sign
Scott Balderston
Ruth Hurwitz
Carol Hagen
George Hagen
Ed Oberhuber
Nancy Paulovic
Olga Belevich
Barbara Rice
Dottie Mandell
Claire Scott
Mildred Junkin
Mary Hindle
Doris Wright
Mildred Linton
Dave Jackson
Gustav Mertha
Bud Carew
Jack Wright
Bob Linton
Mil Linton
Lee Bjornsgaard
Barbara Rice
Bill Hickling
Sunny Oberhuber
Hank Brown
Joan Stack
Sue Carew
Erika Luitweiler