Town and Country Players - Awards

Every year, Town and Country Players presents three awards to members who show an outstanding dedication to T&C.

Special Award - A once-in-a-lifetime award for years of achievement and dedication to T&C.

Service Award - An award to thank the member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for the current season.

Rafters Award - An award for the member who has shown excellence in technical or backstage work.

A. C. Daily/Marion Kolman Awards - The A.C. Daily/Marion Kolman awards are given for outstanding performance(s) at the Town and Country Players.  Current members in good standing are eligible, and though past performances may be taken into account, the performer must have performed in at least one role this past season.

Future Star Award - This award is given to a Junior Member in good standing who has given an outstanding performance(s) during the past season.

Jr. Rafters Award - An award for the Junior Member who has shown excellence in technical or backstage work.

Past Award Recipients

Year Special Award Service Award Rafters Award A. C. Daily Award Marion Kolman Award Future Star Award Jr. Rafters Award
1980 Michael Moeller Paul Tiscione Scott Connard
1981 Children's Theater Pat Appino Andy Emery
1982 Carmen & Toni Mazza Mickey Kolman Jeanette Kelley
1983 Bob & Jean Gendall Cooley Joyner Scott Connard
1984 Marion Kolman Diane Mir Lea & Mike Warring
1985 Bill Pratt Pat Steiner David Sharper
1986 Cooley Joyner Annette & John Nicolazzo June Ramberg
1987 Frank McCrea Kathy Acquaviva David Sharper
1988 Sheryl Connard June Ramberg David Sharper
1989 Frank Bjornsgaard Norm Berger Dick Thomas
1990 Mickey Kolman Annette Nicolazzo Bettelou Constantine
1991 Betty Page Bettelou Constantine Andrew Emery
1992 Annette DeHoff Bruce Rowe Bettelou Constantine
1993 Bettelou Constantine Carl R. Sessa Andy Emery
1994 June Ramberg Jon Bradley & Shari Ostergren Mary Eveland
1995 Pat Achilles Tom Henry Ted Gontarski
1996 Lynne Anne Donchez Bob Margolies Donna L. Nicolazzo
1997 David Sharper Pat Achilles Rosie Hughes
1998 John Nicolazzo Pat Appino Anne Schmitt
1999 Pat Appino Joe Spadafora Anne Schmitt
2000 Scott Connard Joe Spadafora Susan Abramson
2001 Pat Ellis Phyllis Eckelmeyer Sarah LeClair

Ted Nordman Sarah LeClair Barbara Emch

Phyllis Eckelmeyer Dan Weidman Scott Connard

Dave Keller Jenny Hopkins Stuart Wyss

C. Jameson Bradley Gina Stevens David Riffert

Scott Fishman Kimberlee Weidman David Sharper

Barbara Emch Nancy Ridgeway Robin Odland

Norm Berger Andy O'Neill Scott Monsees Kevin Palardy Val Sharper Torsten Odland Page Ridgeway

Dan Weidman Joe Perignat James Zimmerman Jim Kirkwood Sarah Wyss-LeClair John Fisher Vincent Ruggieri

Alma Perry Ken Ambs Page Ridgeway Dave Swartz Stephanie Zimmerman Caitlin Aloia Lars Odland

Nancy Ridgeway Scott Monsees Ken Weigert Keith Soester Danielle Malat Fred Conover, Jr.  

In recent years we have also honored one person with a Special Recognition Award.

Special Recognition Award

Mary Eveland-Goehringer

Allison Letts