Town and Country Players' 2012 Season Auditions

Town and Country Players auditions are open to the community. Auditions are usually held at the Barn, the Buckingham Township Building (4613 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, PA) or Central Bucks Community Senior Center (700 Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA). Please contact the appropriate director for further details.

Flaming Idiots

A Farce by Tom Rooney

Directed by Keith Soester (email:
Produced by Sharon Rill

Performances: April 20, 21, 22 (matinee), 27, 28, 29 (matinee), May 4, 5


Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 7:30 -10:00pm (be there at 7:30)
Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 7:30 - 10:00pm (be there at 7:30)
Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 1:00 - 5:00pm (be there at 1:00)
At the Central Bucks Senior Center, 700 Shady Retreat Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901

Open Auditions consist of a cold reading from the script (provided). Please bear in mind that these are the ages of the characters, not the actors. Actors auditioning need GREAT COMIC TIMING. Contact Keith Soester, Director, at if you have audition questions.

Bernadette: A hearing impaired natural food chef. Mid twenties - mid forties. Needs to play a convincing deaf person.

Jayne Fryman: A reporter for the Daily Local Newspaper. Pretty and quirky. Needs to be willing to expose bottom wearing underwear/nylons. Early twenties - early forties.

Phil: Ex-postal worker and idea guy. Late twenties - late forties.

Carl: Ex-postal worker and Phil's confused friend. Late twenties - late forties.

Task: Officer of the mounted patrol unit. Goofy and gullible. Mid twenties - late forties.

Eugene: An actor/waiter. Vain and driven to be a great actor. Mid twenties - late thirties.

Ernesto: A mysterious Norwegian national. Early twenties - late thirties.

Louie: A professional hit-man beyond retirement age. Mid fifties - early seventies.

The Body: A John Doe. Must be able to play a corpse with no movement. No lines required.

Our Town

Pulitzer Prize Winner by Thornton Wilder

Directed by John Zimmerman (email:
Produced by Nancy Ridgeway

Performances: May 25, 26, 27 (matinee), June 1, 2, 3 (matinee), 8, 9

Auditions: Saturday, March 10th from 1-5pm and Sunday, March 11th from 1-5pm at the Central Bucks Senior Center, 700 Shady Retreat Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901. Callbacks will be on Monday, March 12th from 7-10pm.

The Town and Country Players seek a cast of over 20 for their May/June production of Our Town.  This classic script requires actors able to convey the simple, yet deep, lives of the inhabitants of Grovers Corners with honesty and insight.  Director John Zimmerman is planning a traditional production of the piece, minimal set, costumes, props, and lighting, meaning actors able to convey their surroundings subtlety through their performances will be highly valued.

Those planning to audition should arrive with a monologue and be prepared to read from the script; those auditioning for the role of The Stage Manager should prepare a section of his opening monologue.  Please e-mail to schedule a time slot and avoid waiting in line.

Once On This Island

Book & Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Music by Stephen Flaherty

Directed by DeLarme Landes (email:
Musical Direction by Joe Nappi
Produced by Victoria Schultheis
Asst. Director/Choreography by Cat Miller

Performances: June 29, 30 (matinee and evening), July 1 (matinee), 6, 7 (matinee and evening), 8 (matinee), 13, 14 (matinee and evening)

Auditions: Thursday, March 29th 6:00-9:00pm vocals; Saturday, March 31st 1:00-5:00pm dance; Sunday, April 1st 1:00-5:00pm dance, 6:00-9:00pm vocals; Monday, April 2nd 6:00-9:00pm (if needed). Call backs will be Tuesday, April 3rd 6:00-10:00pm. All auditions will be at the Central Bucks Senior Center, 700 Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA.

Those interested in being cast in main roles or in the vocal ensemble must come to both vocal and dance auditions from one of the selected times. Singers should prepare 16-32 bars of music, preferably from Once on This Island, but if not, something similar to the style of the show. An accompanist will be provided. Those choosing not to audition with a song from OOTI are responsible for providing their own sheet music. No "a cappella" auditions, please.

For the dance audition, come dressed and ready to move. We are casting "just dancers" as well: these dancers do not have to be singers or actors. Any dance students or enthusiasts are completely welcome.

Contact Delarmes Landes at to set up vocal and dance audition appointments in order to avoid waiting in line. "Walk-ins" welcome.

Here are the general character descriptions; note that I'm not including age-ranges for these roles, because they're all going to be relative based on who auditions and lands the pivotal roles (primarily TiMoune and Daniel).  Moreover, all roles will involve extensive singing and dancing.

Ti Moune, a peasant girl
Daniel Beauxhomme, a Grand Homme; Ti Moune's love interest ("Beauxhomme" means "the beautiful man")
Papa Ge, sly Demon of Death; the main antagonist of the show who tricks the main character into giving her life for another.
Erzulie, beautiful Goddess of Love; the foil to Papa Ge
Agwe, God of Water
Asaka, Mother of the Earth
Mama Euralie, Ti Moune's adoptive mother
Tonton Julian, Ti Moune's adoptive father
Andrea Deveraux, Daniel's promised wife; also "Madame Armand"
Armand, Daniel's stern father; also "Armand", the ancestor
Gatekeeper, the Hotel Beauxhomme's fierce guard
Little Ti Moune, Ti Moune as a child; also "The Little Girl"
Daniel's Son, Daniel's young son
Storytellers/Gossips, various Grands Hommes and peasants

All roles are open, and newcomers are welcome!

On Borrowed Time

By Paul Osborn, from the novel by L. E. Watkin

Directed by Ken Weigert (email: & Keith Soester
Produced by Sharon Rill

Performances: August 3, 4 (matinee and evening), 5 (matinee), 10, 11 (matinee and evening), 12 (matinee), 17, 18 (matinee and evening)

Auditions: Wednesday, May 16, 7-9:30pm; Saturday, May 19, 10am-1pm; Sunday, May 20, 6-8:30pm. All auditions are at the Central Bucks Senior Center, 700 Shady Retreat Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901

Characters (Apparent Age):

Julian Northrup (55-65). Gramps. becomes the only guardian to his grandson. He is rough around the edges with some bad habits, but fiercely loves his family.

Pud (8-10) becomes an orphan and loves his best friend, his grandfather, more than life itself.

Nellie Northrup (55-65) Granny is "old fashioned" and a stickler for good behavior. But loves her family and wants the best for them.

Mr. Brink (???) appears as a man but has a special job to do for eternity that is part of life. His speech is very formal and his mannerisms are frugal.

Marcia Giles (20 something) is a young woman who takes care of the Northrups.

Demetria Riffle (40-50) is Pud's aunt who wishes to take custody of him in any way possible. She is sour, pompous and greedy. (Think the Wicked Witch of the West)

Dr. Evans (50-65) the family doctor.

Mr. Pilbeam (50-65) is the lawyer friend of the family.

Mr. Grimes (35-45) works at the "hospital".

Sheriff (40-55) is obvious.

A Boy close to Pud's age from the neighborhood.

Workmen (2) are men from the neighborhood working on a special project for Gramps.

One Act Festival

Produced by Nancy Ridgeway (email:
Executive Director John Zimmerman

Directors and Plays:
The Case of the Crushed Petunia's by Tennessee Williams, directed by John Neuman
Wanda's Visit by Christopher Durang, directed by John Demeter
The Last Yankee by Arthur Miller directed by Don Brown
Sure Thing by David Ives, directed by Mariel Rosati

Performances: August 31, September 1

Auditions: The auditions are scheduled for Saturday, July 28 at 7:00pm and Sunday, July 29 at 1:00pm at the Sr. Center.  No monologues are necessary as cold readings from the scripts will be used for audition purposes.  Any questions regarding the auditions should be emailed to Nancy Ridgeway at and I can forward the inquiries to the director.  By way of specifics,  there are no children's roles in any of the shows.  There are several roles for women and men of all ages.  A summary of all plays and cast requirements is readily searchable online.

The Last Yankee - Leroy Hamilton and Mr. Frick meet in the waiting room of the institution where their wives are recovering from depression. Their "small talk" conversation soon turns uncomfortable when the difference between their values becomes apparent.

Leroy Hamilton: (Male, 48) A Carpenter, and father of 7. Down to earth and disenchanted by his famous lineage.
Mr. Frick: (Male, 60) A Businessman. Condescending, believes Hamilton should embrace his Colonial pedigree.
Ages are flexible, within reason.

Case of the Crushed Petunia's - In the town of Primandproper Massachusetts, people like everything just so, from the behavior of their neighbors to the arrangement of the front garden. When Miss Dorothy Simple finds the double row of pink petunias planted around her small notions shop deliberately crushed underfoot she suspects the work of an unhinged 'petuniacidal maniac' and sets the local police out to find the culprit. She will soon discover, however, that the floral vandal may just be able to offer her a whole new lease on a life that is passing her by.

Dorothy Simple: (female 25-35, flexible) Pretty but cold. Harbors the secret desire to break free from her restrictive existence.
Police Officer: (male 25-65, flexible) A small town policeman. Friendly, but ineffective.
Young Man: (male 25-30, flexible) A salesman representing a very specific line. Nonchalant, but eager to sell to the right personMrs. Dull: (female 30-50, flexible) The town busybody. Quick to judge and always ready to gossip.

Wanda's Visit - Tells the story of a suburban couple, Jim and Marsha, who are starting to feel a little stuck in their marriage after 13 years. Jim gets a letter from an old high school girl friend named Wanda, who asks to come visit. Jim is excited by the prospect of this visit, but Marsha dreads it. Wanda shows up, and she's quite a handful. Wanda is overwhelming, talking non-stop. Wanda proceeds to chronicle for them the lengthy and endless details of her years of promiscuity, her bad choices in men, and her getting facial surgery to avoid detection from some kingpin of crime.

Jim - male (25-38 years old), Marsha's husband. Seeking something invigorating.
Marsha - female (25-38 years old), Jim's wife. Doesn't like Wanda for obvious reasons.
Wanda - female (25-38 years old) Selfish and a little bit unhinged. Loves Jim.
Waiter - male/female, plays a waiter(ess).
Man 1 & 2 - males, atypical gangsters

The Sure Thing - Bill and Betty meet by chance at a café and strike up a conversation that could lead to romance, but each time they come close to connecting, one of them says something the other finds objectionable. Luckily, with the simple sound of a bell, their conversation resets, and they can proceed without the mistakes of the previous moment. This fun and funny piece will have you laughing and commiserating with each ring of the bell.

Betty, woman in café, 20s to early 30s
Bill, man who approaches her, also 20s to early 30s

Prelude to a Kiss

A Modern Fairytale by Craig Lucas

Directed by: Jon Knapp
Produced by Victoria Schultheis

Performances: September 21, 22, 23 (matinee), 28, 29, 30 (matinee), October 5, 6

Auditions: Will be held at the Central Bucks Senior Center, located at 700 Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA 18901 on the following dates:
o Sunday, July 15th - 1:00 to 5:00 pm
o Monday, July 16th - 7:00 to 9:30pm
o Tuesday, July 17th - 7:00 to 9:30pm (call backs for certain parts)

No preparation is necessary. Auditions will include cold readings from the script. Walk-ins are welcome however, a scheduled audition is appreciated. Please email the stage manager, Don Brown at to schedule your audition or with any questions.

About the show: Peter and Rita meet and have a whirlwind romance. At their wedding, a mysterious old man insists on kissing the bride. While honeymooning, Peter gradually realizes that the woman by his side is not his wife. The wedding kiss caused Rita's soul and the old man's to change places. Peter must track down the old man and free his young love's spirit trapped in an aging and diseased body before it's too late. The essence of the play is the circular motion of the relationship and the idea that as people begin, and move deeper into, a relationship they "create an image of their partner" and then spend time reconciling their creation with reality. The relationship works when the created image jives with (or enhances) reality. When the created image deviates too much the relationship falters.

The cast of characters is listed below. Please note that age-ranges for some of the roles are flexible based on casting of the pivotal roles. We may consider casting certain actors based on their ability to play multiple secondary roles.

Peter (Hoskins) - 25-35 years old - practical, wry sense of humor with an eye for irony
Taylor (McGowan) - Peter's friend, 25-35 years old - outgoing, fun-loving
Rita (Boyle) - 25-35 years old - smart, frenzied, also enjoys irony, actor must be able to affect a masculine demeanor for some of the play
Tom - Bartender at the Tin Market, any age - prototypical bartender, confident, cool
Mrs. Boyle (Marion) - Rita's mother, 50-65 years old - appears wacky but very wise and caring
Dr. Boyle (Marshall) - Rita's father, dentist, 50-65 years old - confident, protective father figure
Minister - any age
Aunt Dorothy - Rita's aunt, 50-65 years old
Uncle Fred - Rita's uncle, 50-65 years old
Old Man (Julius Becker) - 60-75 years old - a bit mysterious, actor must be able to affect a femine persona for much of the play
Jamaican Waiter - any age
Leah (Blier) - Old Man's daughter, 30-40 years old
Party Guests, Barflies, Wedding Guests, Vacationers

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Book by Hugh Wheeler
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Directed by Nancy Ridgeway (email:
Produced by John Demeter
Musical direction by Don Tenenblatt

Performances: November 2, 3, 4 (matinee), 9, 10, 11 (matinee), 16, 17

Auditions: Saturday August 18th from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Sunday August 19th, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm with call backs for certain parts, on Monday, August 20th from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Central Bucks Senior Center, located at 700 Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA.

Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song from either Sweeney Todd or another Stephen Sondheim show. You will need to provide sheet music for non-Sweeney Todd songs. An accompanist will be present. No a cappella or tape recordings may be used. Walk-ins are welcome, however, a scheduled audition is appreciated. Please email the director, Nancy Ridgeway at to schedule your audition or with any questions.

The Characters

Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker (Bass/Baritone, 40s) - A man consumed by revenge after his wife is kidnapped and raped, and he is wrongly convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Darkly cynical.

Mrs. Nellie Lovett (Alto/Mezzo, Cockney Accent, moves well, 40s) - An amoral, pragmatic seller of meat pies - takes practicality to a ridiculous level. She lusts after Todd. A very high-energy role.

Joanna Barker (Soprano, 18) - Benjamin Barker's daughter, a ward of Judge Turpin. Beautiful and pure-hearted.

Anthony Hope (Tenor, 20s) - A good natured, optimistic & naive young sailor.

Beggar Woman/Lucy Barker (Soprano) - Barker's wife, who he believes to be dead. Schizophrenic personality ranging from pathetic to crudely suggestive.

Judge Turpin (Bass/Baritone) - A lustful, immoral, power hungry man. Twists the law to suit him.

Beadle Bamford (Tenor) - Judge Turpin's partner in crime. "A bully with a thin veneer of gentility."

Adolfo Pirelli (Tenor) - A phony mountebank who claims to be "the king of the barbers, the barber of kings." A very high tenor role that can also be played by a soprano in drag.

Tobias (Tenor, teens) - Pirelli's young, simple, but kind-hearted drum-beating assistant.

Other Characters: Gravediggers, Chorus.