This Code of Conduct is designed to clarify the expectations of Town and Country Players Theatre (“T&C”) on how members, performers, production staff and all volunteers must conduct themselves while involved in the activities of the theater. By following this Code of Conduct, your reputation, and the brand and reputation of T&C, will be upheld and protected. The Code also seeks to provide for a safe, enjoyable and equitable environment for all, in the undertaking of their role within T&C.

T&C will post this Code on our website and in the theatre. A copy will be provided to the cast and production staff to read and acknowledge compliance with their signature. If anyone has a question on the Code they should consult the V.P. of Productions or President. This Code may be amended from time to time, where necessary. T&C will post updated copies with an effective date. This document is not designed to be exhaustive, but all involved in T&C activities will be expected to uphold both the letter and spirit of the Code.


T&C is committed to ensuring that all persons contributing to the success of T&C, act with dignity, honesty, integrity and respect towards others. This code seeks to make the theatrical experience attractive, safe and enjoyable for all.

Performers and production staff are encouraged to:

  • Participate, for the enjoyment you will receive through theatrical performance
  • Work equally for yourself and the production - the production will benefit and so will you
  • Abide by the principles of theatre etiquette,
  • Abide by the policies and practices of T&C as they apply
  • Cooperate with the director, all members of the production team and fellow cast members
  • Commit wholeheartedly to the production and rehearsals.

The Director:
  • You have the responsibility for your cast and production team - exercise it.
  • Be reasonable in your demands on performers’ time, energy and enthusiasm. Remember that they have other interests and demands on their time.
  • Encourage your cast/crew to show the principles of proper theatre etiquette, listed below.

Incorporation of Other Standards

T&C requires that all members, performers, production staff and volunteers comply with all laws, regulations and policies governing its activities and the terms of any charters relevant to their duties, and to the below list of etiquette requirements:
  • treat everyone with dignity and courtesy;
  • be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others;
  • refrain from any behavior which may bring T&C into disrepute;
  • display control, respect and professionalism in all activities;
  • observe proper meeting conduct and protocols;
  • be courteous in dealings with other T&C people;
  • control their temper: verbal abuse of others in the course of a T&C activities is unacceptable;
  • not behave in any manner, or engage in any activity, while on T&C business which is likely to impair positive public perception of T&C and its members;
  • abide with the code of conduct or conditions of use, of the venue being used; and
  • use good judgment and demonstrate respect to other members and the T&C organization as a whole, as it pertains to any/all postings/comments on both personal and T&C social media sites.

Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Members, performers, production staff and volunteers are expected to respect the rights, dignity and worth of others regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion or of their physical or psychological disabilities.

T&C will not tolerate discrimination. Discrimination is any behavior or practice which reflects an assumption of superiority of one group (or individual) over another or disadvantages people on the basis of their real or perceived membership of a particular group and includes such behavior as less favorable treatment, unfair exclusion and asking discriminatory questions.

T&C will not tolerate sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is any unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behavior of a sexual nature that makes a person feel humiliated, intimidated or offended. Equally, T&C will not tolerate bullying. Bullying is behavior that intimidates, offends, degrades, insults or humiliates another person. Bullying can be physical or psychological. Examples of bullying include:
  • aggressive or frightening behavior (e.g. shouting or threatening violence);
  • threats of assault against a colleague or damage to their property or equipment;
  • rude or belittling comments; and
  • standing in someone's way or deliberately blocking their path in an intimidating manner.

If anyone feels they have been discriminated against, bullied or harassed in any way they should immediately contact the President, V.P. of Productions or any Board member for immediate and confidential assistance.
PHBF/ 946040.1

Health and Safety

Everyone has the right to participate in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Members, performers, production staff and volunteers are asked to take responsibility for their own health and safety, ensuring that their actions do not risk the health and safety of others. All are required to take reasonable care at all times by following all lawful instructions from those in authority at T&C in its efforts towards providing a healthy and safe environment. All hazards, accidents or injuries must be reported to the T&C representative in charge of the activity.

Alcohol and Drug consumption

Alcohol or prohibited drugs are not to be consumed by performers, production staff and volunteers while performing duties before or during a show. Exceptions to this are T&C sponsored events on the premises or at other locations (i.e. Opening Night after-show parties, Annual Award Banquet, etc.). Special consideration should be shown when minors are present. In the context of this provision, anyone exhibiting signs of being intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, or an illegal or prohibited drug will be prevented from commencing, recommencing or continuing their activity.


If anyone has a grievance or feels that they have been unfairly treated they are encouraged to raise this issue with any member of the Board for immediate and confidential assistance. The Board of T&C is committed to uphold both the letter and spirit of this Code and the mediation and resolution of any grievance in an expeditious manner.

Breach of the Code of Conduct

In the case of a confirmed serious breach of the Code of Conduct the Board shall invoke:
  • Discipline, Suspension or Expulsion of members, performers, productions staff or volunteers.