Robin Holloway Hall is made possible by donation from the Holloway family. The Hall is named in honor of Doylestown resident, business man and arts philanthropist, Robin Holloway (1933-2006).

Scheduling Time in Robin Holloway Hall

Priority will be given in the following way –

1. Current Production has first priority for using Robin Holloway Hall, while in production (from load in to show close) as needed. This will most likely be for performances only.

Robin Holloway Hall should be made available to other casts between performance weekends, if there are no scheduled benefit performances.

2. Upcoming Production Teams have second priority for using Robin Holloway Hall. Priority is given to the next show on the season’s slate.

*Note: All production teams within a given season will be given access to the online Rehearsal Hall Calendar. The teams will be able to make Robin Holloway Hall reservations themselves.

3. Board Meetings will be given third priority when the room is available.

4. Committee Meetings will be able to use the Robin Holloway Hall when it is available after the first three groups have fulfilled their needs. Committee chairs should contact to reserve the Hall.

Robin Holloway Hall is intended for the use and enjoyment of all T&C members. Ongoing communication is encouraged between production teams to ensure that everyone has reasonable access to the Hall.

In the event of a scheduling dispute, please remember to ‘play nice’ and attempt to resolve the scheduling conflict among yourselves. If this is not possible, please contact the VP of Productions: