Are you a local business owner? Maybe you have friends who are. How would you like to get your message in front of Town and Country Players' audiences for nine months during our 2017 Season for only $300?

Purchasing slide ads in our T&C 2017 Season Playbills is a great way to reach the people that local businesses want to reach at a price that's hard to beat! Not only will your ad appear in black and white in each show’s Playbill, but it will also play in full color as part of our in-theatre slide show.

$300 Black and White Half-Page Playbill Ad, plus a Full-Color Slide Show ad for the entire 2017 Season!


$50 per Show for a Full-Color Slide Show Ad only. This option may be best if you don’t want your ad to run for the entire season.

Slide Show Ads play on 3 large screens – 2 inside the theatre and 1 in the downstairs club room.
(Since our December Holiday Show is held at the Michener Art Museum, no slide ads are available for this production)
Sample Slide Show:

How long will my ad run?

April through December

Who will see it?

6 Mainstage Shows + 3 Special Event Shows = 66 Performances
Potentially reaching over 10,000 audience members

Three Locations, One Low Price!

Your HALF-PAGE PRINT AD will appear in all 9 Playbills. Your FULL-COLOR SLIDE AD will play on our large screens inside the theatre before the show, and in our Club Room for 8 shows.

6 Main Stage Shows PLUS

A Signature Series Presentation
Part of a new series providing playwrights the opportunity to develop new work through on-stage productions.


Love Letters / Other Letters
Love Letters - A unique and imaginative theatre piece. The piece is comprised of letters exchanged over a lifetime between two people who grew up together, went their separate ways, but continued to share confidences. As the actors read the letters aloud, what is created is an evocative, touching, frequently funny but always telling pair of character studies in which what is implied is as revealing and meaningful as what is actually written down.

Other Letters - Love is not just between a man and a woman. Relationships for same sex partners are just as flawed, just as messy, and just as wonderful as straight relationships. This isn't just a recreation of A. R. Gurney's LOVE LETTERS with gay couples; these are the letters of beautiful relationships that happen to be between two men or two women. People who are friends, lovers, and confidants. People who fight, make love, remember, and forget. People who cannot be together, but cannot be apart. "Touching and tender." - Chicago Reader


Presented at the Michener Art Museum

Contact for information and to place your order.