The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

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Date:  June 2013
Written by:  William Inge
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Kate Fishman
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Sharon Rill-Soester


Cora Flood (housewife)
Rubin Flood (husband)
Sonny (10 yr. old son)
Reenie (16 yr. old daughter)
Flirt (Reenie's flapper friend)
Morris (Cora's brother-in-law)
Lottie (Cora's older sister)
Punky (Flirt's boyfriend)
Sammy (Punky's friend)
Shelli Pentimall Bookler
Larry Krevitz
Nicholas Tumolo
Annalee Tomanelli
Colleen Smith
Jim Wolfe
Sarah LeClair
Trevor Kerns
Nate Mann


Stage Manager
Lighting Design
Lighting Technician
Sound Technician
Sound/Microphone Assistant
Master Carpenter
Scenic Artist

Stage Crew
Wendy Blevins
Jack Bathke
Keith Kerns
Dan Weidman
Ryan Beebe
Jamie Bradley
Barbara Emch
Sharon Rill-Soester
Marie Costello
Tracy Collier
Jennifer Kelly