Night Must Fall

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Date:  October 2004
Written by:  Emlyn Williams
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Jim Kirkwood
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Jenny K. Hopkins


Mrs. Bramson
Olivia Grayne
Nurse Libby
Hubert Laurie
Mrs. Terrence
Dora Parkoe
Inspector Belsize
Voice of the Lord Chief Justice
Marilyn Maxwell
Cecelia Umphlett
Gerrie Flanagan
Darryl Schaffer
Karen Phanco
Daniella Heywood
Michael Biscardi
Keith Kerns
Ken Schaffer


Stage Manager
Music and Sound Procurement
Lights Designer
Lights and Sound Technician
Scenic Design/Construction

Set Dressing
Hair and Makeup Consultant
Costume Consultant

Stage Crew

Jenny K. Hopkins
Stuart Wyss
Walter Hauck
Rosie Hughes
Dave Sharper
David C. Riffert
Barb Emch
Keith Kerns
Lynne Anne Donchez
Mary Eveland-Goeheringer
Lynne Anne Donchez
Daniella Heywood
Jenny Hopkins
Andy O'Neill
Scott Fishman