A Streetcar Named Desire

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Date:  August 1997
Written by:  Tennessee Williams
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Ted Nordman
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Pat Appino


Stanley Kowalski
Harold Mitchell (Mitch)
Street Lady
Eunice Hubbell
Stella Kowalski
Blanche DuBois
Steve Hubbell
Ali Mansour
A Young Collector
Mexican Flower Woman
C. Jameson Bradley
David Sharper
Valerie Sharper
Linda Tauras
Kathleen Maher
Carrie Miles
Andy McPhee
Kamel Kadi
Brendan Lyons
Valerie Sharper
Valerie Sharper
Ted Nordman


Stage Manager
Set Design
Lighting and Sound Design
Costume Design and Coordination
Hair and Makeup Design
Set Furnishings
Set Construction

Lighting Technician
Assistants to the Stage Manager

Rosie Hughes
Tom Henry
Ted Gontarski
LeVonne Lindsay
Lynne Anne Donchez
Valerie Sharper
Ted Gontarski
Tom Henry
Susan Abramson
Bruce Rowe
Suzanne Palmer
Bruce Rowe
Mickey Miller
Susan Abramson
Jaime Abramson