Lettice and Lovage

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Date:  July 1996
Written by:  Peter Shaffer
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Ted Nordman
Musical Director:   


Lettice Doffet
Surly Tourist
Lotte Schoen
Miss Framer
Mr. Bardolph
Fran Walheim
Scot Armstrong
Patricia G. Appino
Pat Achilles
James John Kirkwood


Stage Manager
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Lighting Technician
Set Design and Construction

Sound Design
Hair and Makeup Design
Assistant Stage Managers

Properties and Set Decor
Meg Shockley
Andrew Emery
Mary Eveland
Carl Sessa
Thomas Henry
C. Jameson Bradley
Ted Gontarski
Lynne Anne Donchez
Scot Armstrong
Edie Orazi
Susan Abramson