The Lady of Larkspur Lotion

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Date:  October 1991
Written by:  Tennessee Williams
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Ted Nordman
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Jennifer Seiberlich


Mrs. Hardwicke-Moore
Mrs. Wire
Peggie Walsh
Marilou Wall
Gregory Peter McGee


Stage Manager
Lighting Design
Lighting Consultant
Sound Design
Lighting Technicians

Sound Technicians

Stage Crew

Bettelou Constantine
John Nicolazzo
Andy Emery
Anthony Baruffi, Jr.
Sheri Reinhart
Ted Nordman
Anthony Baruffi, Jr.
Jean Lausten
Peggie Walsh
Norman Berger
Dawn Brooks
Michelle Bruch
A. C. Daily
Keith Day
Cooley Joyner
Dave Keller
Brian Kelly
Carl Kerr
James Kirkwood
Jean Lausten
Gregory Peter McGee
Rebecca Malone
Carrie Miles
Nick Morgan
Doreen Morrison
David Nowell
Jo Page
Pete Rodgers
Peter Rogers
Rhoda Rodgers
Bruce G. Rowe
David Sharper
Doreen Stagg
Ken Thompson
Marilou Wall
Linda Walsh
Pat Walsh
Peggie Walsh
Kelly Wheat
Ray Wilson