The Importance of Being Earnest

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Date:  May 1976
Written by:  Oscar Wilde
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Bob Gendall
Musical Director:   


Lane, Mr. Moncrieff's man-servant
Algernon Moncrieff, friend of Mr. John Worthing
John Worthing, J.P., of the Manor House
Lady Bracknell
Hon. Gwendoline Fairfax, her daughter
Miss Prism
Cecily Cardew, John Working's ward
Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D., Rector of Woolton
Merriman, butler to Mr. Worthing
Andrew Holland
Roger B. Allen
Edward Gavin
Pat Appino
Vicki Walrath
Valeri Selth
Carol Hettenbach
Alan Van Wart
Walter Friedrich


Costume Design
Set Design
Assistant Director
Adult Producer
Set Construction


Costume Coordinator
Costumes Executed by

Stage Manager

Walter Delle
Tim Moyer
Maggie Bjornsgaard
Carol Hettenbach
Tim Moyer
Robin Frome
Chip Adams
Mary Drake
Fred Place
Ed Kendell
Paul Tiscioni
Clinton Clarke
Suzanne Janson
Eddie Patterson
Nancy Binczewski
Molly Sylsberry
Peg Herman
Pat Friedrich
Walter Friedrich
Becky Ludeke
David Paynter
Barbara Confalone
Clinton Clarke
Anita Seaman
Peg Herman
Dorothy Wiley
Dorothy Wiley
Coralie Davis
Stephanie Bond
Gail La Pierre
Katharina Friedrich
Barbara Confalone
Jim Meier
Pat Friedrich
Dorothy Rotzel
Rosamond Erwin
Andrew Delle