All My Sons

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Date:  June 1971
Written by:  Arthur Miller
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Chuck Read
Musical Director:   
Producer:  Ted Davis


Joe Keller
Dr. Jim Bayliss
Frank Lubey
Sue Bayliss
Lydia Lubey
Chris Keller
Kate Keller
Ann Deever
George Deever
Alan Van Wart
George Hindle
Peter A. McLaughlin
Jacque Hunter
Myra Lelie
Ted Davis
Eddie Heupel
Marion Kolman
Cheryl Rufe
Keith Soester


Setting by
Lighting by
Stage Manager
Assistant to the Director
Wardrobe Master
Sound Effects

Make Up
Set Construction

Carmen Mazza
Gerry Fisher
Linda Gleason
Martina M. Heupel
Walter Delle
Terry McNealy
Susan Spears
Lois Bailie
Susan Musa
Carmen Mazza
Mike Spears