Two Blind Mice

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Date:  November 1953
Written by:  Samuel Spewack
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Robert Gendall
Musical Director:   


Mrs. Letitia Turnbull
Miss Crystal Hower
Mr. Murray
Miss Johnson
Tommy Thurston
A Visitor
Karen Norwood
Wilber F. Threadwaite, Dept. of State
Major Jean Groh, U.S.A.
Lt. Col. Robbins, U.S.A.F.
Cmdr. Thomas Jellico, U.S.N.
Dr. Henry McGill
Charles Brenner
Ensign Jamison
Senator Kruger
Betty Berger
Melba Lukens
Robert Siegler
Evelyn Hutchinson
Samuel Willard
William Campbell
Charles Fisher
William Hickling
Mary Fisher
Edward Biester
Lee Bjornsgaard
Russell Rutherford
Frank Bjornsgaard
E. Coston Frederick
Robert Gendall
Cyril Denison
William Spare
William Cooper


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Lighting by
Stage Manager
Hand Properties


Stage Properties


Publicity and Programs

Business Manager
Set Construction and Painting

Melba Lukens
Edward Oberhuber
William Hickling
Marge Orbaker
Jean Rutherford
Helen Search
Jene Stout
Sunny Oberhuber
Kaye Garner
Marian Heritage
Beatrice Frankenfield
Thelma Brewer
Elizabeth Willard
Helen Dummond
Robert Brugger
Evelyn Hutchinson
Mary Pearce
Marni Beegle
Edward Beegle
Don Weisel
Florence Weisel
Lois Bailie
Walter Carwithen
Jayne Frantz
Arthur Frantz
Enid Townsend
Polly Spare