Guest in the House

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Date:  March 1949
Written by:  Hagar Wilde and Dale Eunson
Music by:   
Lyrics by:   
Director:  Florence Weisel
Musical Director:   


Ann Proctor
Lee Proctor
Rev. Dr. Shaw
Aunt Martha Proctor
Miriam Blake
Dan Proctor
Douglas Proctor
Evelyn Heath
Frank Dow
Mrs. Dow
Pamela Rhodes
Cam Tracy
Vivian Lowther
Jean Rutherford
Beatrice Frankenfield
C. W. Denison
Mary Pearce
Peg Fellows
Robert Gendall
William Robinson
Robert Brugger
Adrienne Larsen
William Whitenack
Nancy Perry
Cintra Jones
Milton Rutherford


Setting by
Lighting by
Assistant to Mrs. Weisel
Set Construction

Lighting and Sound Effects Asst.
Stage Properties

Hand Properties



Publicity and Program

Business Manager

Edward Beegle
Charles Fisher
Rene Fryer
Donald Weisel
Ralph Shobert
J. P. Perry
Margaret Beegle
Stuart Hutchinson
Edw. Oberhuber
Florence Denison
Marion Heritage
Nan Brey
Caroline Whitenack
Betty Anne Siegler
Kaye Garner
Grace Frick
Gladys Achey
Ruth Shobert
Dorothy Volkman
Thelma Brewer
Patricia Allen
Kitty Cooper
Mary Fisher
Sunny Oberhuber
Mary Helene Fretz
Lenore Dunn
John Eastburn
Edmund Dunn
William Whitenack
Evelyn Hutchinson
Marian Bruner
Janet Burd
Doris Champion