Pati Hakimoglu

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First active:  September 1983
Last active:  August 2000
# of roles:  15
# of plays:  10
# of times as cast:  4
# of times as crew:  10
# of times on Board:  1
# of times directing:  0


Roles Plays
Mrs. Elliot
Asst. Director/Stage Manager
Kid, Mother, Felicia Fuma, Bride
Widow Yussef
Dressing Set & Lobby
Stage Manager
Assistant Director/Choreographer
Assistant Director
Assistant Stage Manager
1983 Lady in the Dark
1983 Lady in the Dark
1983 Lady in the Dark
1985 The Red Shoes
1988 Go Jump in the Lake
1989 Kismet
1989 A Thousand Clowns
1989 A Thousand Clowns
1991 Pack of Lies
1993 Bye, Bye Birdie
1995 The Insanity of Mary Girard
1998 Much Ado About Nothing
1998 Much Ado About Nothing
2000 On Golden Pond


Roles Boards
Executive Vice President 1999 Board of Directors


Awards Years


Patti Hakimoglu
Patti Cooper Hakimoglu
Pati Cooper Hakimoglu