1978 Board of Directors

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President:  Russ Walsh
Executive Vice President:  Frank McCrea
Secretary:  Cheryl Ruehl
Treasurer:  Frank Bjornsgaard
V. P. of Adult Productions:  Edythe Patterson
V. P. of Public Relations:  Barbara Confalone
V. P. of Children's Theater:  Walt Friedrich
V. P. of Membership:  Betty McShea
V. P. of Workshops:  Bette Magnusson
V. P. of Hospitality:  Mary Martin
V. P. of Buildings and Grounds:  Walt Roberts
V. P. of Benefits:   
Past President:  Mickey Kolman


Art Director
Planning Committee

Special Events
Benefit Chairman
Light & Sound Coordinator
Walter Delle
Phil Ludeke
Ken Confalone
Ted Davis
Mary Drake
Becky Ludeke
Mickey Kolman
Betty McShea
Walt Friedrich